Sales & Installs

We take pride in understanding your needs and budget and help you pick the right equipment for your application. We aren’t salesman, we are technicians that have worked in the industry for over 40 years. We will help suggest the best gear and an installation that makes sense.


We have in our product range a wide selection of renowned brands. Tell us about your audio and sound needs and we can find the best solution for you.

Missing that one adaptor after ordering everything you thought you needed? No worry, we work with you to determine every piece needed to have a functioning system. Offering a complete package versus. Need just one mic stand? We do that too.

Have us install your audio system. We have worked in every type of venue out there, from old theatres, house of worships, concert halls, conference rooms, to school gymnasiums. Our knowledge and experience leads to a effective and well suited install.


Let’s talk about the look you want! Have a certain look you want for your application? We can help you find the best fixture and console the reach your dreams. From our extensive list of brands, we can look at every option that is out there in the market.

Have us install your lighting system with our experienced technicians. Our techs have experience at the end-user level from being lighting technicians and lighting designers so you are guaranteed a professional lighting system and install that makes sense.

We install pipe grids, dimmer stations, fixtures, integrated lighting systems, and more!

Get in contact us with us to discuss the product you are looking for or the project you want to attack. Let us know!